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Wild Earth Wild Soul

5-day retreat: co-creating an Eco-Ecstatic Culture 



When was the last time you had an educational experience that shook you to the bones? That reached into your core and lit up your passion like a torch? That connected you with essential parts of yourself, other humans, and the living Earth in ways that felt eternal and profound?


Wild Earth Wild Soul is a 5-day transformational training, is such an experience. Together, we learn:

—    to be on the leading edge of cultural change.

—    to embody a whole new level of kinship with the natural world.

—    to live in a sacred manner and feel love, power, and aliveness.

—    to know the blessings from our ancestors and the gratitude of our descendants.

—    Under the guidance of Bill Pfeiffer (US) & facilitation team


Join an adventurous community rediscovering a nature-based culture in a new way for new times. Based on Bill Pfeiffer’s widely acclaimed book, Wild Earth, Wild Soul, the retreat is a launching pad for passing on best practices to future generations and a roadmap for taking heartfelt leadership.


Even with every part of Earth under siege, we can enter a life-giving adventure. The Wild Earth Intensive is an opportunity to create a new story and be absorbed into something larger. Picture yourself returning to something that feels alive and strangely familiar. An ancient place that awakens gradually in your body... In our training we take time to slow our pace and build a tribe where each one of us deeply feels seen and heard. The smell of grass, the fire at night and stars overhead will remind us that beyond the flurry and chaos of our cyber-age there is a forgotten terrain where we may seek guidance, healing and wisdom. Through soulful, life-affirming processes we begin to remember who we are in the greater story of life.


There is also space to feel pain and grief, personal and collective, and learn how to navigate chaotic times. As the week unfolds, a rich sense of connection grows. When you play, tell stories, sing, dance, make art and ceremony, commune with the elements, the birds and plants, you remember a way of life that speaks to the deepest parts of our being. Even when you feel out of sorts, the bugs are annoying, or it’s raining, you are aware that the tribe and land holds us and always has. Towards the end of the Intensive you are supported in bringing your gifts into the world. This is done systematically so that when you return to "real life" you have tools to live in a more sustained, joyful, balanced way.


Our training venue is in the beautiful forests of the Dutch province Drenthe, with nearby megalithic dolmens or ‘hunebedden’ that were built around 3500 BC. In this European edition of Wild Earth Wild Soul we take time to explore our European aboriginal roots, heal collective wounds, and relight the fire that will take the ancient into the future. From the outset you are taking part in a comprehensive training based on indigenous principles. Bill Pfeiffer and his team have a wide range of experience and expertise in nature connection, play, storytelling, dance, ceremony, leadership and more.

All participants take 100% responsibility for their lives and experience.

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