Of deserts and districts II

“Money like water," conjures up images of abundance. A lack of water, such as in the desert, signifies scarcity. In the previous blog, we compared poor districts with deserts, where incoming money leaks away and initiative is lost. We saw that community development is like greening the desert. It is about diminishing patterns that reinforce poverty and nourishing patterns that create sustainable growth. It's about moving from vicious cycles to virtuous cycles. Life Aid 2.0 Re

Of deserts and districts I

Go figure. You want to bring a desert to bloom. How do you do that? The arid air and dry soil are hostile to new life and most of the precious moist evaporates quickly. Suppose that, with extra water and a lot of effort, you grow some green that frailly endures the elements. Can it survive without your help or even grow, or will the desert swallow it mercilessly? City Deserts Jane Jacobs, urban writer and activist, likened the dynamics of poor districts with the ecosystem of

Organizing for Social Change

KWANDA AMSTERDAM - eBOOK In this accessible publication Beckx and Schram chart the fascinating journey of discovery as Dutch practitioners interacted with their African colleagues in seeking to learn from the methodology that underpinned the Kwanda reality TV show on community transformation. While the Organization Workshop methodology as used in South Africa could not be easily applied in Dutch conditions, it became clear that there was merit in looking at the Activity Theo

After Flow...

This blog is for those movers that just participated in a 5Rhythms workshop, especially in the Flowing Rhythm. With the workshop finding a home in your bodies, I'd like to offer some ways in which you can continue your exploration in the flowing state of being. Below you´ll find some tips relating to inside and our outside world. I hope it will help you on your journey! Rest and Digest or Fight and flight With the high pace of our modern lives our bodies are often in a state