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Movement workshops

I love to teach and work with movement. Below is an overview of some of the workshops I have been giving in the recent past. I'm open to share these teachings to new groups. So don't hesitate to contact me if the work below resonates.

Dance Dojo

Moving on the edge of soft and strong

Dance Dojo integrates 'free form' dance with exercises that enhance our body awareness. It is a mix of 5Rhythms, somatics and martial arts. The work is deeply rooted in the teachings of Aikido master Paul Linden and offers concrete tools or techniques to work with. Dance Dojo is a place to experiment, play and encounter friendly challenges. In Dance Dojo, we learn to embody and embrace the life force, and stop playing small or collapse in the face of challenges. Love is our greatest ally on this journey. We’ll discover how a state of expansiveness, deep connection and open awareness can give us more strength than fighting against someone or something.


Dance DNA

A workshop in the Flowing Rhythm exploring the simple presence of our cells. Deep down every cell vibrates with a gentle presence. When we’re in tune with this pulse we can move and act with ease and vitality. Too often however our attention goes to the demands of the outside world and we lose touch with this nourishing life force. This workshops works at restoring the balance between being and doing.


Rhythm and Body Talk

A Staccato workshop we practice getting in tune with life’s rhythms. Starting with the beats in our own bodies, we'll look to sync with the pulse of the people around us, the seasons and the earth. Supported by the energizing beat we'll look for the point where movement bubbles up spontaneously and unfiltered and let our bodies do the talking. 


Letting Go

This Chaos workshop is about the art of shaking things up. A deeply refreshing process where we let go of old things and make space for the new. Chaos is also the gateway to our intuition; a deep sea of inner knowing. While Chaos can be cathartic and ecstatic, it can also be soft and subtle. It requires our full presence; our willingness to embrace whatever is there and then.. to let go.


Shape Shifting

A Lyrical workshop on tranformation. If all the world is a stage, we're often stuck playing one or two roles. In this workshop we'll loosen up our sense of self and experiment with new forms. With the dancefloor as our stage we'll practice the art of shape shifting or flexibily moving between different states of being. Surprise yourself!


Falling into Grace

A Stillness workshop. Exploring what happens if we allow ourselves to fall through the cracks and enter the space between. In the space between our thoughts awaits our bigger mind and in the space between effort and collapse there is grace. Diving into the territory of stillness can bring healing, insight and inspiration. Looking deeply in the mirror of our soul can also be confronting and unsettling. We’ll therefore work on building safe space and nourish the wisdom to go as far as we can go.

For more info on the workshops visit the CALENDAR

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