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dance expedition

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.

Blaise Pascal

with mirjam martens & Léon beckx

Do you sense that your dance is just the tip of the iceberg? Do you feel a calling to follow the dancing path further into unknown territory? Do you want to awaken the dancer in your daily life? If the answer is yes, then joining our Dance Expedition might just be the thing for you. 

Workshop series May-November '19
with Mirjam Martens & Léon Beckx

​For our barefoot journey into dance we take two basic, but profound tools: mindfulness and movement. When we infuse our movement with a soft, non-judgmental awareness, doors start to open. At first, things might feel strange and unfamiliar. Our dancing bodies have a unique way of speaking that most of us know and somehow have forgotten. Our bodies sing with sensations and bring unspoken poetry in motion. Often this language remains unconscious and becomes the stuff of dreams. Conscious Dance, however, is a way to openly attend to this soulful language.

We will use a wide variety of tools - from somatics, 5rhythms, contemporary dance, authentic movement, and martial arts - to help you remember the language of your intuition. This not only makes your dance richer and more meaningful, it also helps you to be more attuned to your innermost self in daily life and create some much needed magic moments where ever you go.

Dance Expedition moves beyond the typical dance workshop in two important ways. First, we work in a team to offer more personal guidance and feedback. Secondly, near the end of the day our dance space transforms into a stage where we play with improvising dance together. This type of improvised dance is also known as instant composition. In contrast to choreographed dance, instant composition teaches dancers to create and compose together in the moment. It is not about 'dancing beautiful', but about being present, aware and real, so movement and dance can unfold and magical moments can arise.

​Dance Expedition is a series of day workshops that take place on a monthly basis. Each day has a specific theme which is elaborated below. The days are open to everybody and all levels of experience. The days can be joined separately, but it is recommended to follow more days so we get to know you better and can offer better feedback and grow as a group.

​Mirjam Martens and Léon Beckx are enthusiastic dance explorers and experienced guides of both dance and personal process. Below you can also read more about them...


31 August 2019 // Time: 13.30 -18.30

This workshop is all about rhythm & pulse. Can you find your personal groove, and can you sustain this propulsive rhythmic "feel" when live pushes you to go faster or when you meet a partner with a different groove? During the workshop we will also explore rhythms in the body - such as the digestive track and the nervous system. So come and get your groove on!



12 October 2019 // Time: 13.30 - 18.30


16 November 2019 // Time: 13.30 - 18.30


€ 60 for the afternoon
OR The last three workshops €150 (You save €30)

All prices include VAT.

* please let us know if you want to join, but you can't afford the full workshop fee.

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If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us: 


The workshop will be given in Dutch and/or English depending on the participants.

Mirjam Martens  is a dancer in heart and life.  She made embodiment into her life practise and loves sharing the joy for movement. She has experience working as a Massage therapist and Somatic Movement Therapist aswell as leading ceremonies at Ecstatic Dance. 
After her bachelor in Modern Dance she continued exploring a wide variety of Somatic modalities that are process oriënted and self empowering. She strongly believes that the body itself can lead us to the depth of being.... 

Léon Beckx is a Conscious Dance teacher. He was certified as a 5Rhythms teacher in 2008 and expanded his dance practice since with Somatics, Contact Improvisation, Instant Composition and theater. Léon grew up with martial arts and hip hop and has a professional background in psychology and community building. His teaching style is experimental and subtle with much focus on our bodies innate intelligence. Read more about Léon here