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8 May Open Class | 9-10 May workshop


Human beings are creatures of habit. As we grow older we settle in our way of doing things. We walk this way and talk that way and this gives us a secure sense of self. At times we can also feel trapped in our own created identities. Is this really who I am? Is this all there is to me? If all the world´s a stage, then we´re stuck playing one or two roles…  


The dance floor is a place where we can let go of our secure and limiting sense of self. We just move and sweat together, being present in the moment. No more, no less. Afterwards we might feel that we regained a sense of spontaneity; our sense of self has expanded and become flexible. In this weekend workshop we´ll actively explore how we can use the wisdom of our dancing body to loosen up our sense of self. We´ll play with polarities, such as male and female, to stretch our identities and rediscover lost parts of ourselves. And we´ll practice the art of shape shifting or flexibily moving between different roles and states of being. Come and surprise yourself!


For more info contact Carmela Gabriela, 393.0629578


When:                   8-10 May 2015


Times:                   Friday 20.00 - 22.30

                                Saturday 11.00 - 17.30 (including lunchbreak)

                                Sunday 11.00 - 17.30 (including lunchbreak)


Where:                   Bologna


Price:                      Whole weekend Fri-Sun €175*

                                Friday evening only €20 (payment at door)  

                                All prices include VAT.


* please let us know if you want to join and the workshop fee lies beyond your present capabilities.


The 5Rhythms is a dynamic movement practice where we both meditate and rock our bodies in the same breath. It has 5 phases or rhythms that take dancers on a journey of tuning in (flowing), expressing (staccato), surrendering (chaos), expanding (lyrical) and being (stillness). Anyone, regardless of age or physical condition, can dance the 5Rhythms. You only need a body that breathes, a heart that beats and a willingness to be curious.

Léon Beckx is a certified 5Rhythms movement facilitator and has been teaching the 5Rhythms since 2008 in his hometown Amsterdam and abroad. Léon grew up with martial arts and hip hop and has a professional background in psychology and community building. In his workshops and classes Léon includes inspirations from other movement practices such as instant composition, contact improvisation and the field of somatics. His teaching style is experimental and subtle with much focus on our bodies innate intelligence.


All of Léon's classes & workshops count as Wave hours for the 5Rhythms Teacher Training


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